Tat Inspire (Tat Capital)

TatWC - Working Capital Solutions: Conversation with Tim Brown, Executive Director, Swoop

We're pleased to announce the launch of Tat Working Capital Solutions (TatWC) for your business needs in partnership with Swoop. Ram Gorlamanda, Founder, Tat Capital and Tim Brown, Executive Director, Swoop, discuss recent industry trends and the various ways businesses can benefit from the financing solutions we offer through this partnership.

AI for Security: Conversation with Bikash Barai, CEO & Co-Founder, FireCompass

In this episode, Ram catches up with Bikash of FireCompass to discuss hacking, the need for deep tech security in a technologically advanced era, their value proposition, red teaming, shadow IP & more. 

Fiona Macintyre, Founder, Forming Impact speaks with Shalini Singh, Chief of Corporate Communications & Sustainability at TATA Power

In this episode, Fiona chats with Shalini Singh on the social impact work that she does both personally and professionally at TATA Power since 2004, how ESG framework has made it a level playing field, involvement and commitment towards achieving 10 of the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) including women empowerment, inclusivity, clean energy & more. 

Tat Impact Story: Fiona Macintyre, Founder, Forming Impact chats with Ram Gorlamandala, Founder, Tat Capital

In this episode, Fiona and Ram discuss Tat Impact partnership: how it came about, the current world situation which calls for a new world order, newer thematics that will emerge, what they hope to achieve through this tie-up, the need for achieving sustainable development goals & effective implementation of ESG frameworks & more

Emotion AI: Conversation with Ranjan Kumar, CEO & Founder, Entropik Technologies

In this 4th episode, Ram catches up with Entropik CEO Ranjan Kumar, where the two discuss the company's Value Offering, Emotion AI, why he picked India & more.

Deep tech: Conversation with Daniel Raj David, CEO & Founder, Detect Technologies

Tat Capital’s Ram Gorlamandala discusses the journey of Detect Tech; India's foray into the Deep tech niche; the upsides/downsides & more in this podcast. 

Daniel has a demonstrated history of working in the oil & energy industry with extensive research in the Non-Destructive Testing Space. 

AR + STEM Learning: Conversation with Vivek Goyal, Co-Founder, Playshifu

Tat Capital’s Ram Gorlamandala discusses the vision behind Playshifu, the AR toy company which is revolutionising the world of play by offering unique tactile experiences. Co-founder Vivek is a passionate tech enthusiast with B.Tech/M.Tech from IIT Kharagpur & MBA from Stanford GSB.

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